Material Specs

Because of its superior outgassing characteristics and clean room compatibility, Safe-Guard packaging containers and trays are made exclusively from NASA tested and Eastman Chemical developed, PET-G.

ASTM E 595 Outgas Test


The criteria used for the acceptance and rejection of materials shall be determined by the user and based upon specific component and system requirements. Historically, a total mass loss (TML) of 1.00% and collected volatile condensable material (CVCM) of 0.10% have been used as screening levels for rejection of spacecraft materials.

Test Method

The Outgas Test was performed in a vacuum environment of less that 5 X 10-5 torr according to ASTM E 595, for a duration of 24 hours, at 125°C. The TML, CVCM, and the amount of water vapor recovered (WVR) were measured after the test.


  • TML (%): 0.32
  • CVCM (%): <0.01
  • WVR (%): 0.19

National Ignition Facility (NIF) Small Optics Summit

For reference purposes we are providing Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's small optics packaging guidelines, as presented in the National Ignition Facility (NIF) Small Optics Summit of 1998. We are grateful to LLNL for making these documents available to the optics industry, and our thanks go out to those amazing individuals responsible for creating them.

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